Emulate Mouse clicks by hovering using Clickless Mouse in Windows 10

Emulate Mouse clicks by hovering using Clickless Mouse in Windows 10

Using a mouse or keyboard in the wrong posture of excessive usage can result in a lot of health issues, including strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. In this post, I am showing how you can get rid of those clicks using a software - Clickless Mouse. It can emulate mouse clicks using movements instead of actual clicks.

Clickless Mouse for Windows 10

Clickless Mouse makes using a computer easier for people with repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, some motor disabilities, and other health problems. This application allows using a mouse without clicking - by moving it only.

This free software creates small boxes when you hover your mouse over anything. Each of these boxes creates action for a mouse movement. It simulates left/right mouse click, double left mouse click, and left/right mouse button holding. All you need is to move your mouse over the right box, and it executes the mouse-clicks.

The best part of the software is that its benefits for people with motor disabilities and other similar issues. Less movement of fingers can also help you relieve the strain.

Here is how to set up Clickless Mouse:

You can also configure other settings which include Size, Border, Color and minimum size of the squares. If you are not sure, you can input the screen size, and it will setup the value accordingly.

Which mouse click does each square emulate?

That said, I used for a couple of minutes, and its all about getting used to this sort of gesture. But once you are through, you are going to love the experience. Initially, I did a lot of accidental clicks, but slowly it was growing on me. This is how it works:

When you want to click or hold a mouse button: stop moving the mouse. Wait for the squares to appear and move the mouse cursor to the chosen square. The image explains which square mean which box:

Overall its an excellent software, and should help those have issues with a lot of clicking. A small mouse movement in the right direction and you are done with it.

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