AppyMouse On-screen Trackpad and Mouse Pointer for Windows Tablets

AppyMouse On-screen Trackpad and Mouse Pointer for Windows Tablets

Tablet users often miss the mouse pointer, especially when they are habitual to using the laptops. The touchscreen Smartphones and tablets come with many advantages and the only limitation is to manage the finger-tip while clicking on the small icons - especially if you have big finger tips. Improper spacing between the icons usually leads to wrong clicking. This is where AppyMouse, a third party virtual touch pad and mouse pointer can help.

AppyMouse is a on-screen trackpad for your Surface or Windows touchscreen tablets. The app is free and specially designed for the Windows users to increase their comfort level while using the tablets. The on-screen cursor of AppyMouse increases your productivity and simplifies the tablet usage. It comes with a user-friendly interface and helps users to control the mouse pointers easily.

Features of AppyMouse for Windows tablets

The app comes in a free as well as a paid version. The free version brings the features like - Mouse Pointer, Right Click, Double Click, and a Customizable Touch Area. The paid version which is available for a reasonable price of $1.99 has an additional feature of 'Pointer Speed Customization'.

Laptops and desktops can't be replaced with the tablets, but apps like AppyMouse can turn your tablet into a productive tool.

Download this app from here and let us know if you like it. Watch this video to know more about AppyMouse and its usage.

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